Wacton Parish Council Policies Page

This page has all the policies that Wacton Parish Council use to administer decisions in the roles as Parish Councillors

WPC Bullying and Harrasment policy

WPC Code of Conduct

WPC Co-Option Policy

WPC Cover policies sheet (1)

WPC Disciplinary Policy

WPC Equality Policy

WPC Financial Regulations Adopted May 2019

WPC GPDR policy

WPC grant and Donations-Policy

WPC Health & Safety Policy

WPC Lone Worker Policy 2020

WPC Model Standing Orders Adopted May 2019 main one

WPC Model-Publication-Scheme-2020

WPC Parish acceptance of office 2019-2020

WPC Pensions Policy

WPC Policy for Expenses for Clerk and Councillors

WPC Register of Interests Form 2019

WPC risk assessment

WPC Sickness policy

WPC Social Media Policy april 2020

WPC Training & Development Policy