Important Parish Documents

On this page is the documents that the Parish Council use to administer there legal duties by and the polices that have been adopted by Wacton Parish Council.


Also to be added to this is the new General Data Protection Policies that are not yet written and are needed under the new General Data Protection Act 2018 that comes into force in late May 2018. Their is still consultation on this ongoing and once all information is know the relevant policies will be added to this page

Wacton PC general Risk assessment Policy

grant and Donations-Policy

Financial regulations Adopted may 2019

Model Standing Orders Adopted May 2019

Wacton Lone Worker Policy 2016-2017

Wacton Parish Council Code of Conduct

Wacton Parish Council Disciplinary Policy


WPC Model-Publication-Scheme-2011

WPC Social Media Policy april 2014

Wacton Parish Councillors declarations of interest