Anglian Water help for vulnerable parishioners

Rural Services Network in partnership with Anglian Water to help your vulnerable parishioners

Did you know Anglian Water’s Priority Services Register is in place to help lots of people with different needs and is completely free?

By signing up, Anglian Water can:

  • Help if there is an interruption to a customers water supply
  • Help protect customers against bogus callers
  • Communicate in different languages, including British Sign Language
  • Send bills in alternative formats, including large print, audio and braille
  • Knock and wait, giving customers longer to get to the door


Resilience Plaque

Resilience plaque, presented to the Parish Council by District Councillor Thomas.

The plaque was commissioned by Lady Dannatt,  the Lord Lieutenants wife as a reminder of the pandemic and to give thanks to the work and resilience of parishioners and parish councils at the times of the pandemic.