Coronavirus Information Page

Hi all

Please see attached the information sheet regarding the Coronavirus.

If you need any help please call 111 for immediate action

Parishtown clerks Coronvirus Information Sheet

The Parish Council are assisting and have secured funding to allow the community resilience group to function in all ways they see fit. . The scheme is not run by the Parish Council but is being co-ordinated by Piers Blaikie whose email address is as follows Piers can also be contacted on 01508 530482 and Gary Mulhall who can be contacted on

All parishioners should have received a leaflet from the coordinators containing valuable information of the scheme and how you can access help should you need it.

The Parish Clerk is working from home so will not be in the Parish until after the lock down is over and the virus is contained.  He is on email at for general enquiries around the parish but not for assistance with anything the resilience group is doing.


Finally Government advice is if you do not need to go out stay at home the resilience group are there to help you

Wacton Woodland Project



Project is the brainchild of Parish Councillor and Tree warden Peter Jacques. It has been made possible by various grants from the following people and Organisations.

District Councillor Des Fulcher

Tesco bags of help

The Big Lottery

East of England Co-op


Here are some photos of The area showing The Entry Sign, Benches, Bird Boxes, Paths, Shelter construction and finally some of the woodpiles for the wildlife to enjoy


Wacton Woodland



2019 Election Page

On this page it will have details of the 2019 Parish Elections and nomination packs/Candidate contact form for Councillors to access should they need them. Also there is a timetable of important dates regarding the Election Process

Candidate Contact Information Sheet May 2019

Parish Nomination-pack 2019

SN Election-timetable elctions 2019


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Footpath Warden Reports

This page will have all the Footpath Warden Reports on it for parishioners information.

Wacton are lucky to have such an active and wonderful footpath warden in Christine Goreham and if you have any issues please contact Christine on the following email address

Footpath Reports

Footpath Warden Report No 1

Footpath Warden Report No 2

Footpath Warden Report No 3

Footpath Warden Report No 4

Footpath Warden Report No 5

Footpath Warden Report No 6

Footpath Warden Report No 7

Footpath Warden Report No 8

Footpath Warden Report No 9

Footpath Warden Report No 10

Footpath Warden Report no 11

Footpath Warden Report no 12

Footpath Warden Report no 13

Footpath Warden Report no 14

Footpath Warden Report no 15

Footpath Warden Report no 16

Footpath Warden Report no 17

Footpath Warden Report No 18

Footpath Warden Report No 19

Footpath Warden Report No 20

Footpath Warden Report No 21

Footpath Warden Report No 22

Footpath Warden Report 23

Footpath Warden Report 24

Wacton Footpath Warden 25

Wacton Footpath Warden No 26

Wacton Footpath Warden 27

Wacton Footpath Warden No 28

Wacton Footpath Warden 29

Footpath Warden Report No 30

Wacton Footpath Warden 31a

Wacton Footpath Warden’s Report 32

Footpath Warden Report No 33

Footpath Report No 34

Wacton Footpath Warden No 35

Footpath Report No 36

Wacton Footpath Warden report no 39

Wacton Footpath Warden report 40

Footpath Report 41

Wacton Footpath Warden 42

Wacton Footpath Warden Report 43

Wacton Footpath Warden 44

Footpath Report 46

Footpath wardens Report No 47

Footpath Report Covid

Annual Footpath Warden Report 2021

WPC Policies

General Risk assessment WPC (1)

grant and Donations-Policy

LCPAS – latest Financial Regs 2016

LCPAS – latest Model Standing Orders – 2016

Wacton Lone Worker Policy 2016-2017

Wacton Parish Council Code of Conduct

Wacton Parish Council Disciplinary Policy

WACTON WPC Model-Publication-Scheme-2011


WPC Social Media Policy april 2014