Wacton Parish Council



The Parish Council are now just starting to meet face to face in the future and our first meeting is on Wednesday 8th September starting at 7pm. The Agenda is on the meeting page for all to see and on the noticeboard and we look forward to welcoming you back to meetings. The Clerk will soon start to work on a Wednesday morning from the Parish Office and welcomes anyone who wants to visit him with issues to pop in and chat but would you please email on wactonparish@yahoo.com to book a time or call the Parish Mobile number  07541 644621 Please leave a message with your number and details and he will get back to you next time he is working.

If you have any queries on this please do not hesitate to contact me as The Parish Council like to promote a new transparent way of working that has been introduced since I came into office.

It is sad to report that long standing members of the parish council Calvin Goreham and Paul Muston have resigned  along with our brilliant Footpath Warden Christine Goreham and we at the Parish Council thanks them all for their sterling work over many years and they will all be greatly missed.

On a good note we welcome Laura Dolton as a new parish councillor and Angie Baldwin as the new Footpath warden and the parish council will provide them with all the support they need as they bed into their new roles. It is hoped to announce a new councillor at the next parish council meeting with more information to follow.


Becoming a Parish Councillor

We still have a vacancies for a Parish Councillors at present and if you feel that you would like to undertake this valuable role please see the link below regarding a new councillor (full training will be given) please contact The Clerk and he will advise you on the role and what the role entails.




Here is the link for the Long Stratton Neighbourhood Plan website for all parishioners to look at the progress, comment and of course attend the many consultations planned as this does affect the Wacton Village Parishioners


Registers of Interest for Wacton Parish Councillors


Norfolk Police Summer Beat Tour

Your local Police force are organising a summer tour and the details are below.